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Issues in Death and Dying

Course Id 201122
Course Name Issues in Death and Dying
Course Catagory Nursing and General Healthcare
Course Price 33.54
Course CEU 3

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Identify physiologic changes that occur in the major body systems prior to death.
  • Discuss emotional responses to impending death.
  • Develop healthcare approaches for guiding patients and their loved ones through the dying process.
  • Indicate behaviors common to anticipatory grief.
  • Differentiate the phases of bereavement.
  • Identify healthcare interventions for those experiencing anticipatory grief or bereavement.
  • Explain two outcomes of the Patient Self-Determination Act.
  • Describe at least three roles a healthcare practitioner may assume in supporting a patient¹s advance directives.
  • Apply a five-step, ethical decision-making process and the ANA¹s Code for Nurses to common patient scenarios.

Course Information

Working with those facing a life threatening illness and those grieving the loss of a loved one presents unique challenges. Not only must we be empathetic with the pain of the other, but also with our own unresolved grief and issues regarding our own mortality. By examining the processes of living, dying and grieving, and the deeper dimensions of one¹s existence, you will be better prepared to work with the aged, the dying and grieving.

This module covers practical skills in dealing with death and dying. It covers the emotional, psychological, spiritual needs of the dying and of their caretakers. It explores your own fears of life and death and helps you cope with loss and change. The course is designed for medical and nursing staff, healthcare providers, ministers and other wishing to expand their awareness and those who wish to work with people with a life threatening illness.