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Infant and Pediatric Polysomnography

Course Id 211003
Course Name Infant and Pediatric Polysomnography
Course Catagory Sleep
Course Price 25.11
Course CEU 2

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Explain what is meant by EEG, and identify what use these tests have in relation to neonates.
  • Identify which “abnormalities” can be identified when doing an EEG on neonates.
  • Discuss how neonatal EEGs can be used both as diagnostic and prognostic tools.

Course Information

Before we begin discussing the intricacies of Neonatal EEG, let’s begin with a brief review of just what an EEG is and what information can be obtained from these studies.

A polysomnogram consists of a simultaneous recording of multiple physiologic parameters related to sleep and wakefulness. The interaction of various organ systems during sleep and wakefulness also is evaluated.