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Sleep Disordered Breathing

Course Id 240927
Course Name Sleep Disordered Breathing
Course Catagory Sleep
Course Price 25.11
Course CEU 2

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Identify and discuss the key elements of what is referred to as Sleep Disordered Breathing.
  • Describe the prevalence, pathophysiology, and diagnostic techniques associated with each of the key elements of SDB.
  • Discuss the various treatments and their outcomes associated with each element.

Course Information

Humans spend almost 30% of their lives sleeping. Over the past 30 years, physicians have begun to recognize many of the detrimental consequences of sleep disturbances produced by abnormal breathing patterns termed sleep-disordered breathing (SDB).1 Sleep apnea and other sleep-related breathing disorders constitute the greatest number of sleep disorders seen by pulmonologists as well as general practitioners in the outpatient setting. Besides being a common disorder, SDB also has been associated with considerable morbidity. Therefore, a basic understanding of this prevalent disease state is essential for the practicing physician.