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Anesthesia and Sleep Apnea

Course Id 261013
Course Name Anesthesia and Sleep Apnea
Course Catagory Sleep
Course Price 25.11
Course CEU 2

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Identify why sleep apnea is of particular concern to anesthetists, explaining the various risks.
  • Describe the nature and effects of sleep and anesthesia on ventilation.
  • Identify and discuss the effect of age and other physiological variables in sleep.
  • Explain the various potential dangers of anesthesia and sleep disordered breathing.

Course Information

Sleep apnea is of particular concern to anesthetists. The patient with disordered breathing during sleep is likely to also have disturbed breathing when sedated. This effect is compounded by sedation-related compromise of arousal, the mechanism that protects the sleeping patient from life threatening consequences of a breathing disturbance. Furthermore, the upper airway abnormalities that predispose to breathing obstruction during sleep may also make tracheal intubation difficult.

This review is presented in three sections. In the first, sleep-related breathing disorders are defined and the pathophysiology, clinical features, and management discussed. In the second, the nature of sleep and anesthesia and their effects on ventilation are considered and in the third, the anesthetic management of patients with sleep apnea examined.